Astrology What Is It – How Does It Work?

What is Astrology?

Astrology is the mystic mysterious link to our world and our lives. Astrology has intrigued and puzzled many in the world today and centuries before. Is it a science? Is it an art? Is it valid? Is it relevant? Astrology has been woven through human history for years and years. It is something that is very prominent and integral in our history. Astrology takes the huge universe and relates it to individuals. It brings a vast amount of celestial information and specifies it to single events in the world.

AstrologyWhat is astrology? It is a study that has linked what is above to what is below. It is a science that was studied throughout the centuries. It is an art that links humans to the greater universe. It gives purpose and relativity to daily lives. Astrology looks at several systems in our galaxy to link them to our human world. It is a divination of the celestial signs of the moon, sun, and planets.

Astrology has roots that go at least as far back as the 2nd millennium BC. Throughout history, astrology has reached around the world. Names that have become synonymous with astrology are ones such as, Galileo, Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler. Many have heard these names, yet do not realize their significance in the history of astrology. The study of astrology has been used by scholars throughout the years to give relevance to happenings in our world.

Throughout the centuries literature has even related to astrology in many famous literary pieces. Poets, such as, Geoffrey Chaucer, and Dante Alighieri have used astrology within their famous writings. Playwrights as well-known as William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe used astrological references as well. Astrology was a common science in the early centuries.

The term “astrology” comes from the Latin word astrologia, derived from the Greek meaning “account of the stars”. This Greek meaning links the meaning and definition even more to star-divination. In essence, it is searching for meaning in the sky.

Though astrology is many times linked only to events, whether major world events or births, it also affects things such as natural occurrences. Astrology has been used in creating almanacs to help farmers with planting crops at appropriate times. It has been used in predicting natural disasters. Astrology is not to be limited to only events, but as a tool to aid in diagnosing and treating medical illnesses.

Astrology has influenced governments and countries throughout the centuries. In the US, Nancy Reagan was known to have recruited an astrologer after the shooting of her husband, President Ronald Reagan. Nancy Reagan sought to find understanding in why the shooting occurred. She saw how the cosmic divination might guide her to a specific understanding of what happened and what might happen in the future.

The western astrology is a divination study that is based on the construct of horoscopes for exact moments and events. This divination studies the movement of celestial bodies and their movement through the zodiac signs. There are twelve constellations that relate to the zodiac signs. Astrology studies the locations of these signs as they pertain to a fixed event, such as a birth date. The horoscope related to our birth, is a tool to find meaning and understanding in our relationships. It is a guide to self-understanding and how you relate to others around you, whether lovers or friends and family. The horoscope is a common tool throughout astrology. Horoscopes, though tightly linked with birthdates, are also used for major world events and equinoxes. Some view the zodiac sign to be limited in its descriptions. To look for a more focused description it is important for an astrologer to look to the sign of each planet at the time of birth. These signs can help in understanding personalities as well as future events in a person’s life.

There are three ways that astrology is divided. It is divided into Mundane Astrology, Interrogatory Astrology and Natal Astrology. Mundane Astrology is used when examining world events that have occurred or will occur. Interrogatory Astrology is one that looks to make very specific predictions or analyses of a person’s life. Natal Astrology focuses on predictions and descriptions based on a person’s birth. Natal Astrology is known as the Law of Beginnings.

Since astrology has been around and used since the 2nd millennium, there really is no unified, precise definition. It is a study that has grown and evolved over time. It has had relevance and meaning in almost every culture. Astrology has truly taken what is above to help create meaning of what is below.

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